Meet Our Equine Handler Team

Ms. Lyla

Ms. Lyla is the youngest member of our team.  With a big heart and young legs, Lyla is a real asset.  She can jog with the little ones for exercise and reach low down to brush and clean belliess.  Lyla has such a contagious love for all of the horses.

Lil'bits of Love Miniature Therapy Horses

Mission Statement:

Lil'bits of Love was founded in Newton, Kansas by Linda Wagner in June of 2016. In September of 2018, Lil'bits of Love, along with Bucky and Bella made a move to their new owner in Cincinnati, Ohio where they were joined by Bear, and later, Breezy as well as their new Equine Handler Team.   

Lil'bits of Love Miniature Therapy Horses provides equine assisted therapy visits in a multitude of situations. Our Equine Team helps to provide that special bond between people and horses. We provide little horses with lots of love.

Ms. Kim

Ms. Kim grew up with horses and enjoyed riding as a child.  It wasn’t until life took an unexpected turn for her that mini therapy horses entered her life.

Kim's mother would talk about the little horses who came to visit her in the nursing home and how much she enjoyed their visits.  Ms. Kim had the opportunity to purchase Bella and Bucky and felt that it was a good fit for her. She looks forward to all of the adventures ahead for her, the minis and Lil'Bits of Love.

Ms. Kaity

Ms. Kaity grew up riding horses competitively. She still rides competitively with her two horses, Legend and Willie. She also trains client horses and coaches a  middle school / high school dressage team and hunt seat team.

Ms. Kaity became involved with the minis after discovering Kim through social media. She handles our social media accounts, website, and other technical aspects as well as assisting with training our newest little equines when she is in town.  

Lil'bits of Love

Miniature Therapy Horses

A Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization

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Mr. "Barrel" Barry

Mr. Barry is our team handy-man. He helps to maintain all equipment needed for our small equines. He designed and built the hauling crate to keep everyone safe during transportation. Mr. Barry keeps up with all of the maintenance work on the farm . 

Ms. Kris

Like many little girls, Ms. Kris loved horses.  It wasn’t until, as an adult, she was gifted her first horse by her father, that she actually got to spend time around horses. Her love for horses was passed on to her children.  Ms. Kris's daughter, Ms. Kaity still rides and trains competitively.

Miniature therapy horse have been a dream of Ms. Kris's for many years. She was thrilled when the opportunity came for Bear, Bella, Bucky and Breezy to live on her farm with her big horses, Mannie and Oreo. She loves that she gets see and work with all of the horses everyday.