Lil'bits of Love

Miniature Therapy Horses

A Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization

Bucky and Bella visit throughout Newton and the surrounding communities.  You can see them at parades, fall festival, churches, local stores and many other events. 


Other Events

Home of Bella and Bucky, miniature therapy horses

Nursing Homes

Bella is a Pet Partners registered miniature therapy horse.  She serves in nursing homes.   The goal of equine animal-assisted therapy is to help with the resident's or patient's physical, social, emotional or cognitive functioning through interaction with our specially trained equines.

Bucky and Bella serve in the "Just Say Whoa  to Bullying Program".  This innovative program is the first of its kind to teach bullying prevention.  Animal-assisted activities are used with children to capture their attention, teach to the moment and reinforce what they learn.